Yale News (May 18, 2016)
"Research note: Brain area crucial to ability to assess motives of others" (link)

Yale Scientific Magazine (Apr 5, 2016)
"What makes us generous? The neuroscientist's take" (link)

Slate (Mar 17, 2016) - most bizzare way to be cited...
"Yale vs. Duke is the most annoying matchup in NCAA tournament history" (link)

Daily Mail (Dec 16, 2015)
"Are you a Scrooge? Researchers pinpoint 'generous' center of the brain" (link)


VICE Magazine - Motherboard (Dec 15, 2015)
"How your brain determines if you're a Santa or Scrooge" (link)


Yale News (Dec 15, 2015)
"To give or not to give: Value assessment arises in tiny area of the brain" (link)


Brain Food: Event series to showcase neuroscience at Yale (April 23, 2015)


New York Times & Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (Feb 23, 2015)
"2015 Sloan Research Fellows" (Sloan link)
"2015 Sloan Research Fellows" (NYTimes annoucement link)


Skeptially Speaking (Mar 1, 2013)
"The altruism equation" (link)


NBC News (Dec 28th, 2012)
"Scientists identify unselfish brain cells in monkeys" (link)


Nature-Asia Highlights (Dec 24th, 2012)
"Social rewards in the brain" (link)

Nature News (Dec 23rd, 2012)
"Monkey brain area keeps count of kindnesses" (link)


National Geographic (Dec 23rd, 2012)
"Generosity and the social brain, one neuron at a time" (link)


Scientific American (Dec 26th, 2012)
"Monkey brain area keeps count of kindnesses" (link)


EurekAlert! (Dec 23rd, 2012)
"Decision to give a group effort in the brain" (link)


Soceity for Neuroscience Press Room: The Social Brain (Oct. 16th, 2012)

"New Findings Illuminate Basis in Brain for Social Decisions, Reactions" (link)()


Biological Psychiatry (July 24th, 2012)
"Classifying Neural Circuit Dysfunctions Using Neuroeconomics" (link)

National Geographic, Daily News (Jan 9th, 2012)
"Exposure to "Love Hormone" Increases Prosocial Behavior in Monkeys" (link)

US News (HealthDay) (Jan 10th, 2012)
"Monkeys Treated With 'Love Hormone' Show More Kindness" (link)

ScienceNews (April 7th, 2012)
"Furry Friends Forever" (on the issue of evolution and the benefits of friendship) (link) ()

EurekAlert! (AAAS) (Jan 5th, 2012)
"Whiff of 'love hormone' helps monkeys show a little kindness" (link)

AAAS Science Update Radio Snippet (Jan 25th, 2012)
"Kinder, Gentler Monkeys" (link)

abc News (Jan 11th, 2012)
"A Love Drug? Oxytocin Hormone Makes Mothers Kinder" (link)

(photo by Lauren J.N. Brent)

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